What do folks think about Miss Ellie?

"My parents absolutely loved their singing telegram! And they [said] your voice was magical!

Thank you for helping me make their Easter so much better!" Customer, New Hampshire

This is the highlight of our week! I don't know what we would do without this class!" -new parent, Westbrook

"My kids love Ellie so much, we arrange our entire daycare schedule around her class!" - Brunswick Mom

"Ellie is now my son's favorite person! He just named his new baby doll Ellie!" -JCA staff

"This is the most fun my daughter and I have ever had!" -parent new to Portland

"Ellie's patient encouraging approach, coupled with her positive energy, humor and expertise, helped my child learn to love playing music!" -Falmouth Mom

"Every morning, my son hopefully asks, 'Is it music with Ellie today?" -Kennebunk Dad

"Ellie's class has been amazing for us and I see the benefits with my own eyes. My daughter's language development is ahead, she has an incredible vocabulary... I truly believe her class is a huge part of that." -Portland Mom and music teacher

"Her songs run through our house on a daily basis!" -Westbrook parent

"My daughter gets SO excited when I say we're going to music class...her first phrase was, "Class? Ellie? Shake it? Go class now?!" - Portland parent 

"Definitely the best music class I've been to!"-nanny

"You are super talented and an amazing teacher and I love learning from you!" -Student thank you card

"Our child is so comfortable with you...who else has such a low key, friendly approach to teaching?" -Falmouth Mom

"This generation needs this so badly!" -Cumberland Grandmother

"Ellie is not only gifted as a musician but also gifted as a teacher. The children love her! She is so warm and friendly. Throughout the week I am asked 'Is it music class today?'" -Mary Lily, Director JCA Early Childhood Education